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Zdeněk Počta

Tel.: +420 382 289 184


Offer of accommodation in Luckovice and Stedronin recreation centres, Southern Bohemia; and offer of accommodation in Lazanky and Ostry cottage camps. Suitable for summer children camps, class trips, sports training stays and special-interest meetings.

Company Head Office: Zdeněk Počta

Zdeněk Počta
Lučkovice 269
398 01

Czech Republic

Products Zdeněk Počta:

Schools in nature
Our recreation centre in Luckovice is well-suited for a school in nature, family recreation, summer camp, or a ...

Children camps
In the summer season, the Stedronin Recreation Centre is well-suited for a children camp as well as a family holiday, ...

Recreation facility
Stedronin recreation centre is found at the banks of Orlik Dam near Zvikov Castle. The area is partly surrounded by a ...

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