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TRESTON spol.s r.o.

Tel.: +420 572 580 022
Fax: +420 572 580 024
GSM: +420 739 442 121

We produce and supply components for temperature and pressure measurement – temperature and pressure sensors, resistance and thermoelectric industrial thermometers, convertors of various signals, galvanic separation, power units, manometers and also protecting wells.

Company Head Office: TRESTON spol.s r.o.

TRESTON spol.s r.o.
Částkov 40
687 12

Czech Republic

Products TRESTON spol.s r.o.:

Industrial pressure transmitters
TRESTON company produces industrial pressure transmitters and their mechanical or electronic accessories. Pressure ...

Industrial temperature sensors
We produce industrial temperature sensors that we supply with a convertor in a head or without a convertor even to an ...

TRESTON spol.s r.o. TRESTON spol.s r.o.