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STEATIT s.r.o.

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We are engaged in the production of technical and electrotechnical ceramics. We use two basic technologies of production: dry pressing technology and drawing technology. We can say that our company's products are used from irons to nuclear power plants.

Company Head Office: STEATIT s.r.o.

STEATIT s.r.o.
Klenčí pod Čerchovem 181
Klenčí pod Čerchovem
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Czech Republic

Products STEATIT s.r.o.:

Heating Elements
Panel and through-shaped infra-radiators, and panel and through-shaped heating elements are used as heating medium for ...

Fuse bodies
Our fuse bodies are characterized by high electrical and mechanical strength and dimensional stability at high ...

Electrotechnical ceramics
Electrotechnical ceramics belongs to the main production programme. Electrotechnical ceramics includes cordierite ...

Technical ceramics
We produce steatite products that belong to a group of technical ceramics. In the production of technical ceramics and ...

STEATIT s.r.o. STEATIT s.r.o. STEATIT s.r.o. STEATIT s.r.o.