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Rybářství Třeboň a.s.

Tel.: +420 384 701 510
Fax: +420 384 701 511

We are the largest producer of freshwater fish in the Czech Republic and EU. The annual production of about 3200 tons of fish. From those 95% is carp and 5% other fish species - tench, pikeperch, pike, amur and others. Nearly 80% of production is exported to Germany, Austria, France and other EU countries.

Company Head Office: Rybářství Třeboň a.s.

Rybářství Třeboň a.s.
Rybářská 801
379 01

Czech Republic

Products Rybářství Třeboň a.s.:

Třeboň carp
Protected geographical indication of the origin of Třeboň carp is the guarantee of quality fish meat, which has a ...

Rybářství Třeboň a.s.