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ROSTRA s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 577 004 511
Fax: +420 577 452 566

The main subject of the activity is the design and manufacture of tools for sheet metal parts stamping, design and manufacture of products, tools, single-purpose machines and their parts, construction and manufacture of injection moulds for plastics, aluminium and its alloys.

Company Head Office: ROSTRA s.r.o.

ROSTRA s.r.o.
Říčanská 989
763 12

Czech Republic

Products ROSTRA s.r.o.:

CNC milling
We carry out CNC milling with a maximum workpiece of 1220 x 800 x 500 mm. Through CNC milling, however, we are able to ...

Tools for sheet metal parts stamping
We offer tools for sheet metal parts stamping, our company continues in a tradition from 1980, in high-quality ...

Turned parts
Our company produces turned parts in a high quality and wide range. We are able to produce parts of various shapes and ...

Sheet metal stampings
The main activity of our company are sheet metal stampings, their construction and manufacture, then the construction ...

ROSTRA s.r.o. ROSTRA s.r.o. ROSTRA s.r.o. ROSTRA s.r.o.