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Provaznictví VIKING

Tel.: +420 257 311 053
Fax: +420 257 316 546
GSM: +420 604 245 717


We produce wholesale and retail ropes, tightropes, working and climbing ropes, cords, strings, nets and straps. For production we use natural materials ( jute, sisal hemp, hemp, cotton, linen ) and also synthetic materials ( polyamide, polypropylene ).

Company Head Office: Provaznictví VIKING

Provaznictví VIKING
VIKING - pletení lan CORDAGE
Vítězná 564/10
Praha 1
118 00

Czech Republic

Products Provaznictví VIKING:

Cordage knitting bondage
Apart from classical, professional ropes and cords we produce and supply special binding material of cordage knitting ...

Ropes and cords
We produce and sell ropes and cords, REEP ( REP ) strings, nets and straps. We produce ropes and cords from natural and ...

Provaznictví VIKING Provaznictví VIKING