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PROMAN s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 469 622 280

Offer of storing equipment to furnish a store, workshop, archive, library and/or office. Pallet racks, shelf racks, console racks, drive-in and drive-through racks, rack plates, grade pallet racks, travel pallet racks and other racks.

Company Head Office: PROMAN s.r.o.

PROMAN s.r.o.
Za Pivovarem 830
Chrudim III.
537 01

Czech Republic

Products PROMAN s.r.o.:

Storing platforms
A steel-storing platform delivers to optimally utilise a space of both ground floor and platform. The supporting ...

Console racks
Console racks are suitable to store steel sections, pipes, fibre-wood slabs and sheets. Console rack height, console ...

Shelf racks
The shelf racks for various loads are dimensioned for loads from 50 to 900 kg per shelf; stem height up to 11 m. The ...

PROMAN s.r.o. PROMAN s.r.o. PROMAN s.r.o.