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Pivovar HOLBA, a.s.

Tel.: +420 583 300 900
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Since 1874, the HOLBA brewery has been producing pure mountain beer in the beautiful surroundings of Jeseníky, which is known both at home and abroad. Enjoy the brewery's flagship beer HolbaŠerák, which won the Beer of the Czech Republic 2015 competition, HOLBA Horskébyliny and many others.

Company Head Office: Pivovar HOLBA, a.s.

Pivovar HOLBA, a.s.
Pivovarská 261
788 33

Czech Republic

Products Pivovar HOLBA, a.s.:

Holba Premium
Holba Premium is excellent pale lager and attracts your attention by its amber colour at first sight. Holba Premium is ...

Light lager
The light lager HOLBA ŠERÁK is a beer of honey-golden color with a delicious bitter fine hops taste and a rich bite. ...

Pivovar HOLBA, a.s. Pivovar HOLBA, a.s.