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PILECKÝ s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 800 900 602
Fax: +420 318 593 849


The main activity is a complete range of metal fencing from wire netting, welded nets, balusters, panel fencing, forged fencing, entry gateways and gates to garage doors.

Company Head Office: PILECKÝ s.r.o.

PILECKÝ s.r.o.
Mokrovraty 177
Nový Knín
262 03

Czech Republic

Products PILECKÝ s.r.o.:

Self-supporting gates
We supply all self-supporting gates just to customer’s needs. It is obvious that requirements processing including ...

Industrial fencing
Use of industrial fencing is mostly in industrial zones but it can be used also for private lands fencing. Industrial ...

Garage doors
Garage doors are the first thing that welcomes you when arriving home. It is therefore necessary to choose garage doors ...

Forged fencing
Forged fencing nowadays becomes more popular with more and more people. Forged fencing endows your house with unique ...

Wire fencing
We sell and assembly wire fencing. Our main focus is wire fencing that has either galvanized surface working or modern ...

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