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PEMAG, spol. s r. o.

Tel.: +420 519 510 756
Fax: +420 519 510 512
GSM: +420 602 676 430

We produce thermo capsules and polycaps for winemakers and beverage producers. We also offer natural corks, screw caps, and equipment for winemakers. We sell grapevine seedlings and also provide planting. We provide international transport of animals.

Company Head Office: PEMAG, spol. s r. o.

PEMAG, spol. s r. o.
Gagarinova 1240/3
692 01

Czech Republic

Products PEMAG, spol. s r. o.:

Printing screw caps
Our other activities include printing screw caps. We offer side two-colour printing with hotprint screw caps for wine, ...

Thermo Capsules
We produce high-quality thermo capsules made of PVC and polylaminate. Thermo capsules on bottle necks bring aesthetic ...

Grapevine Seedlings
We offer grapevine seedlings from proved suppliers, with whom we have been cooperating for 20 years. The rate of taking ...

PEMAG, spol. s r. o. PEMAG, spol. s r. o. PEMAG, spol. s r. o.