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NEVA - TST s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 384 377 111
Fax: +420 384 377 187
GSM: +420 606 678 721

NEVA is a technology and engineering company that develops machines and technologies for precise thin cutting of wood. You can find NEVA products in over 30 countries worldwide. We manufacture machines such a Thin Cutting Frame Saw, Thin Cutting Band Saw, CNC Saw Blades Grinders and tools: Stellite Saw Blades and Band Saw Blades.

Company Head Office: NEVA - TST s.r.o.

NEVA - TST s.r.o.
Husova 537
Kardašova Řečice
378 21

Czech Republic

Products NEVA - TST s.r.o.:

CNC band saw
The intended use of the thin-cutting CNC band saw for wood is economically cutting thin slats from all types of wood. ...

Thin Cutting Band Saw
NEVA – Thin Cutting Band Saw RE-MAX 500 CNC is a heavy-duty horizontal band saw for all of your re-sawing applications: ...

Saw Blades Grinder
NEVA – Saw Blades Grinder is a CNC machine developed for sharpening of Saw Blades and Band Saw Blades. The result of ...

Thin Cutting Frame Saw
NEVA – Thin Cutting Frame Saw was developed for economic cutting solid wooden blocks into gluable slats with a minimum ...

Stellite Saw Blades
NEVA – Stellite Saw Blades of various dimensions are used for cutting both kind of wood – hard and soft. Stellite Saw ...

NEVA - TST s.r.o. NEVA - TST s.r.o. NEVA - TST s.r.o. NEVA - TST s.r.o. NEVA - TST s.r.o.