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MOIRY, s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 566 532 304
Fax: +420 566 532 304
GSM: +420 607 110 419

We are engaged in a traditional custom-made production from massif – furniture, summerhouses, cabins, pergolas, Euro-windows, Euro-doors, floors, stairs, wall facing etc. We are specialized in transport boxes and untypical pallets. We produce wooden boxes for inland and international transport.

Company Head Office: MOIRY, s.r.o.

MOIRY, s.r.o.
Březka 8
Velká Bíteš
595 01

Czech Republic

Products MOIRY, s.r.o.:

Wooden transport packaging
Manufacture of wooden transport packaging. Our company focuses on the production of transport boxes, namely solid wood ...

Heat-resistant insulation
We specialize in heat-resistant insulation of turbines, pipes and valves. For the production of heat-resistant ...

We produce pergolas from quality dry timber. Our pergolas can be roofed, non-roofed, including windows and doors. For ...

Wooden transport boxes
We produce wooden transport boxes for inland and international transport. All wooden transport boxes fully meet n ...

Furniture from massif
We produce furniture from massif suitable for internal and external use. Furniture from massif is made of quality dry ...

MOIRY, s.r.o. MOIRY, s.r.o. MOIRY, s.r.o. MOIRY, s.r.o. MOIRY, s.r.o.