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Matouš Hydroponie s.r.o.

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Cystom-made flower arrangements of special interiors with a following care for the plants installed. The projection of special interiors, visualization - inserting images into digital photography. Substrates Seramis, keramzit, zeolite substrates, needs for hydroponics.

Company Head Office: Matouš Hydroponie s.r.o.

Matouš Hydroponie s.r.o.
Čestlice 271 - skladový areál
251 01

Czech Republic

Products Matouš Hydroponie s.r.o.:

Moss Picture
Moss pictures are created using stabilized mosses or lichens of various green shades. We use moss pictures where normal ...

Amenity planting for interiors
We provide amenity planting for offices, hotels, shopping centres, receptions, entrance halls or offices. For amenity ...

Green wall
Green wall is a unique and simple system. Green wall is a modular system for walls greening. It is a frame with five ...

Vertical gardens
Vertical gardens, green, living walls - a piece of nature that you can have at home. A unique element of a garden art ...

Plants for interiors
We offer plants for interiors which we import from leading Dutch growers. Plants for interiors can be hydroponic or in ...

Matouš Hydroponie s.r.o. Matouš Hydroponie s.r.o. Matouš Hydroponie s.r.o. Matouš Hydroponie s.r.o. Matouš Hydroponie s.r.o.