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Neomag-magnet s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 608 456 971
Fax: +420 558 346 413
GSM: +420 608 456 971

Production and sales of magnetic systems. Sales of permanent magnets, neodymium magnets, ferrite magnets, load magnets, magnetic separators, magnetic filters, magnetic holders, magnetic toys, magnetic jewelry.

Company Head Office: Neomag-magnet s.r.o.

Neomag-magnet s.r.o.
Konská 341
739 61

Czech Republic

Products Neomag-magnet s.r.o.:

Super magnets
Super magnets is another designation for neodymium magnets, whose rare-earth composition allows for a high magnetic ...

Magnets in a wide range of NEOMAG. Magnets for various purposes. For households and workshops, for use in industries, ...

Neodymium magnets
Neodymium magnets are produced by sintering of powder metals with rare element neodymium. After magnetization are ...

Neomag-magnet s.r.o. Neomag-magnet s.r.o. Neomag-magnet s.r.o.