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KOVODĚL Janča s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 572 632 206
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We are established Czech manufacturers, and in the field of coppersmithery, we are specialized in manufacturing, selling, and servicing of kettles and grower distilleries. We are suppliers of kettles for food industry and distillation apparatuses, coolers and mass grower distilleries.

Company Head Office: KOVODĚL Janča s.r.o.

KOVODĚL Janča s.r.o.
Kučerovo náměstí 2032
Uherský Brod
688 01

Czech Republic

Products KOVODĚL Janča s.r.o.:

We produce and sell grower distilleries. Grower distilleries are intended for mass production of spirits from plums, ...

Distillation plant
We produced the first distillation column – distillation plant with a capacity 130 litres. This distillation plant ...

Grower distilleries
Grower distilleries for mass production of spirits, kettle volume 220 l to 350 l. The grower distillery is designed to ...

Copper kettles
Tiltable and double-shell copper kettles heated by solid fuel or gas, a distillation apparatus included. Grower ...

KOVODĚL Janča s.r.o. KOVODĚL Janča s.r.o. KOVODĚL Janča s.r.o. KOVODĚL Janča s.r.o.