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H.L.F. spol. s r.o.

Tel.: +420 499 393 801
Fax: +420 499 393 105
GSM: +420 728 047 949

Development and manufacture of switches, alternation switches, push-buttons and connectors for the automotive and electrotechnical industry. Combination of technologies for metal pressing, metal machining, plastic pressing, assembly and tooling services. Reliability, quality, and suitable ergonomic solutions.

Company Head Office: H.L.F. spol. s r.o.

H.L.F. spol. s r.o.
Hajnice 127
544 66

Czech Republic

Products H.L.F. spol. s r.o.:

Cold Pressing of Metals
H.L.F. spol. s r.o. is engaged in cold pressing of metals. This is pressing of small metal parts by cold forming on ...

Car switches
Push-button limit car switches, which are used mainly in gearboxes and below the oil level. Toggle switches that are a ...

H.L.F. spol. s r.o. H.L.F. spol. s r.o.