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GREWIS, s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 582 393 010
Fax: +420 582 393 074

We produce hot shaped cup, leaf, and shaped springs. Parts for farm machines. Surface treatment: shot blasting, and shot peening.

Company Head Office: GREWIS, s.r.o.

GREWIS, s.r.o.
Boskovick√° 617
798 03

Czech Republic

Products GREWIS, s.r.o.:

Parts for farm machines
Leaf and flat springs as parts for farm machines are hot processed from spring steel of following quality: 14 260, 15 ...

Cup springs
We produce hot shaped leaf, flat, and shaped cup springs. The cup springs from spring steel only. Cup springs for a ...

GREWIS, s.r.o. GREWIS, s.r.o.