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FINIDR, s. r. o.

Tel.: +420 558 772 111
Fax: +420 558 772 221
GSM: +420 777 795 139


The largest producer of hardback and paperback books in the Central Europe, with 500 employees. Tradition and experiences since 1994. We offer high quality printing, book binding, and professional client services in 5 languages. Our motto is “TOP QUALITY PRINTING AND ALWAYS ON TIME.”

Company Head Office: FINIDR, s. r. o.

FINIDR, s. r. o.
Lipová 1965
Český Těšín
737 01

Czech Republic

Products FINIDR, s. r. o.:

Book Producer
FINIDR, s.r.o., with the registered office in the Czech Republic and with more than 500 employees, belongs among the ...

Special refining
Special effects and refinement of prints enhance the attractiveness of the product. We offer a varied assortment of ...

Black and white printing
Black and white printing is cost-effective and precision printing for demanding applications. We perform black and ...

Colour printing
We are specialized in colour printing of books and other printed matters. Colour printing is performed on six ...

Book binding
We specialize in book binding with comprehensive services ranging from coulour printing and black-and-white printing to ...

FINIDR, s. r. o. FINIDR, s. r. o. FINIDR, s. r. o. FINIDR, s. r. o. FINIDR, s. r. o.