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EKO-ŠIMKO s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 491 424 280
Fax: +420 491 424 281

For 20 years we have been engaged in development and production of exhaust fans, vacuum cleaners, exhausted work tables with different technology. Our products can be found in more than 5900 companies and laboratories, for example in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, USA, Australia.

Company Head Office: EKO-ŠIMKO s.r.o.

EKO-ŠIMKO s.r.o.
1. Máje 2000
547 01

Czech Republic

Products EKO-ŠIMKO s.r.o.:

Industrial filters
Eko-šimko s.r.o. produces, develops, tests and sells various types of industrial filters. We offer industrial filters ...

Wet exhausters
We produce EKO-ŠIMKO wet exhausters for extracting dust particles of flammable materials such as rubber, plastics etc. ...

Exhausting tables
Exhausting tables EKO-ŠIMKO - we produce them for use in grinding, welding, soldering, toner exhausting and burning. ...

Local and central industrial exhausters
EKO-ŠIMKO local and central industrial exhausters - we produce them for a wide range of technologies. EKO-ŠIMKO local ...

Mobile, local industrial vacuum cleaners and central vacuum cleaners
EKO-ŠIMKO industrial vacuum cleaners - we produce both mobile vacuum cleaners for local vacuuming, and stationary ...

EKO-ŠIMKO s.r.o. EKO-ŠIMKO s.r.o. EKO-ŠIMKO s.r.o. EKO-ŠIMKO s.r.o. EKO-ŠIMKO s.r.o.