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DOPS s.r.o.

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We produce galvanized, plastic-coated wire mesh, industrial 3D fencing, fences, game-proof fence, posts, frames, gates, posterns, tube fence. Gabions, rabbit hutch mesh, fabrics, reinforcing grid, grids, concrete reinforcement, ties, clips. Hardware store.

Company Head Office: DOPS s.r.o.

DOPS s.r.o.
Kateřinská 1541/5
Praha 2
120 00

Czech Republic

Products DOPS s.r.o.:

Powder coating
In a modern high capacity powder coating paint shop, the powder coating is performed by the top-class technology. The ...

Flower supports
Flower support for use in gardening. Insert the floral support to land by the size of supported plants. For better ...

Heating pads
We produce electric heating pads of various colours and coat patterns. The heating pads have a three-stage temperature ...

Wire ties
Welded wire ties. For fixation of concrete reinforcement, bag binding, and various bundling. Made of coppered wire ...

Concrete reinforcement
The concrete reinforcement is produced from a galvanized wire, diameter 2 mm. Mesh size 50 to 50 mm. Dimensions: 2000 x ...

Barbed wire
Barbed wire. Designed as a double-wire four-barb wire. Barb distance 100 mm. YOWA from wire 2.2 mm, BODLAK from wire ...

Forest and highway fence
Czech forest fence. Forest fence, farm fence, fencing of pastures or gardens. Highway and road fence. Welded fences ...

Fence posts
Galvanized or PVC coated fence posts. Various colours. Height 1,500 to 3,800 mm. Fence post diameters: 38, 48 or 60 mm. ...

Wire mesh
We produce various types of wire mesh – galvanized wire mesh, PVC coated wire mesh, forestry wire mesh, industrial 3D ...

Gabions. Gabion baskets, nets, and mats. Fastening materials: spires, ties, mounting wire. Gabions of any size, maximum ...

Chain link wire fences
We produce chain link wire fences. Chain link wire fences – galvanized fences, PVC coated fences, forestry fences, ...

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