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DELTA X CZ s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 466 920 793
Fax: +420 466 920 793
GSM: +420 737 291 527

We specialize in production of screw, chain and bucket conveyors for mills, rendering plants, manufacturer of feed mixtures. We produce sorting machines and single-purpose structures and containers for agriculture, milling production, production of feed mixtures.

Company Head Office: DELTA X CZ s.r.o.

DELTA X CZ s.r.o.
Veliny 159
534 01

Czech Republic

Products DELTA X CZ s.r.o.:

Screw conveyors
We offer screw conveyors from tubular, modular, stainless steel, steel and galvanized materials for post-harvest lines, ...

Chain conveyors
Pro manufacture chain conveyors designed especially for mills, rendering plants and farms. It is also possible to ...

DELTA X CZ s.r.o. DELTA X CZ s.r.o.