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Our travel agency Hungariatour L. t. d. offers wonderful holiday in Hungary to you. We arrange accommodation in Budapest as well as in other localities in Hungary, we provide package tours, wellness stays for improving your physical condition, car and bus trips to Hungary, thermal spa.

Company Head Office: CK Hungariatour s.r.o.

CK Hungariatour s.r.o.
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Czech Republic

Products CK Hungariatour s.r.o.:

Holiday in Hungary
Holiday in Hungary – the country of thousands flavours, lying in the very heart of Europe. We encourage you: discover ...

Thermal spa Hungary
Thermal spa Hungary – perhaps there is a real ocean of healing water hidden in depth under the Hungarian land. Surely, ...

Stays in Budapest
We will arrange accommodation in Hungarian capital, Budapest, for you. Lovers of art can choose from great number of ...

Balaton accommodation
Balaton accommodation self-transport. The most suitable time for bathing in Balaton is during the three summer months, ...

Sárvár Thermal Spa
Sárvár Thermal Spa – on the riverside of Rába, in the idyllic neighbourhood, the magical town of western Hungary is ...

CK Hungariatour s.r.o. CK Hungariatour s.r.o. CK Hungariatour s.r.o. CK Hungariatour s.r.o. CK Hungariatour s.r.o.