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CHEMOTEX Děčín a.s.

Tel.: +420 412 709 222
Fax: +420 412 547 200

Our company is focused on the chemical industry, namely surface-active agents (surfactants) and detergents. We produce chemicals for the mechanical engineering, construction, paper and textile industries. We provide consumer chemistry in the form of cosmetics, detergents and cleaning products.

Company Head Office: CHEMOTEX Děčín a.s.

CHEMOTEX Děčín a.s.
Tovární 63
Děčín 32 - Boletice nad Labem
407 11

Czech Republic

Products CHEMOTEX Děčín a.s.:

Hand Sanitizer Gel
The hand sanitizer gel effective against bacteria and viruses. This hand sanitizer gel contains 45 % of alcohol, 10 % ...

Cutting fluid
Cutting fluid is a cooling lubricant for metalworking and wood cutting. The cutting fluid removes heat from the cut, ...

Phenolsulfonic acid
Phenolsulfonic acid is a versatile catalyst mainly used in galvanic baths during the application of tin (ferrostan ...

Docusate sodium
Docusate sodium in the product ALTARAN S 8/60. It is a rapid wetting agent for general use with all kinds of materials. ...

Surface-active agents
Surface-active agents constitute the majority of our production focused on chemical production. Surface-active agents ...

Corrosion inhibitors
Corrosion inhibitors are designed to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion. The corrosion inhibitors ...

Epoxy resin
Epoxy resin is a polymer material of synthetic origin. It represents substances with more than one epoxy bond, which ...

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