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Brickland s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 377 457 254
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The company BRICKLAND is one of the largest Czech suppliers of face bricks, brick strips and brick paving. Thanks to more than a decade-long tradition, reliability and perfect customer services it is one of the sought-after suppliers in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

Company Head Office: Brickland s.r.o.

Brickland s.r.o.
Nepomucká 208
317 06

Czech Republic

Products Brickland s.r.o.:

Brick paving
Brick paving Brickland are an exclusive and practical solution, by which you can solve sidewalks, and load-bearing ...

Brick strips
Brick strips are an effective solution to the facade of a family house or an exclusive interior. The widest choice of ...

Face bricks
Our face brick on the facade of family houses meet the highest demands. Thanks to the widest range we fulfil all your ...

Brickland s.r.o. Brickland s.r.o. Brickland s.r.o.