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BISO - Keibel s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 383 312 511
Fax: +420 383 321 142


Engineering - sheet metal laser cutting, welding of stainless steel, CNC machining. Production of mechanically driven machines - crushers, mulch-laying machines, manure spreaders, rotors. Metal goods to order. Powder and wet painting, production of field choppers.

Company Head Office: BISO - Keibel s.r.o.

BISO - Keibel s.r.o.
Radošovice 147
386 01

Czech Republic

Products BISO - Keibel s.r.o.:

Powder coating of metals
Powder coating of metals takes place on a combined continuous line. Its main task is phosphate pretreatment. Maximum ...

Production of agricultural equipment
The key activity of our business is the production of agricultural equipment. We can offer rich experience in the ...

Horal pick-up vehicle
The key product of our production is HORAL pick-up vehicle for fodder and feed. We build on our long-term experience, ...

Steel Structure Welding
We use the state-of-the-art equipment for the welding of steel structures in order to satisfy even the most demanding ...

Steel Welding
The company’s basic product is steel welding, we manufacture industrial weldments to order made even of stainless ...

Rotors production
Production of precise rotors has a long tradition at us. Production of rotors subjects to strict standards and a very ...

Collecting vehicles
Pick-up cars - one of the company products are components of agriculture – pick-up cars for forage and fodder. Pick-up ...

Steel painting
We specialize in steel painting. Steel painting is ensured by the combined transfer line of wet and powder coating, ...

Powder coating plant
Powder coating paint shop - combined transfer line. Powder coating paint shop - phosphate pre-treatment, maximum ...

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