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BENKOR s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 315 624 231
Fax: +420 315 621 963

We are an established Czech company with a tradition of seventy years. We specialize in production of spices, herbs, and dried vegetables. A high emphasis is put on health diet principles. We provide the market with over one hundred and fifty kinds of spices and herbs, and almost one hundred kinds of mixtures.

Company Head Office: BENKOR s.r.o.

BENKOR s.r.o.
B E N K O R s.r.o.
Mělnická Vrutice 72
Velký Borek
277 31

Czech Republic

Products BENKOR s.r.o.:

Pickling preparations
Our pickling preparations are designed for preparation and processing of vegetables, namely cucumbers, and mushrooms. ...

We make about 150 kinds of spices. The spices produced can be used for home food preservation including spices for ...

BENKOR s.r.o. BENKOR s.r.o.