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AXTONE s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 582 312 684
Fax: +420 582 312 685

Commercial forge with years of experience in manufacturing forgings of rolled rings and heat treatment of steels. Our products rotational shape are mainly used in engineering for the production of housings, flanges, gears, bearings.

Company Head Office: AXTONE s.r.o.

AXTONE s.r.o.
Dolní 100
796 01

Czech Republic

Products AXTONE s.r.o.:

Heat treatment of steel
For heat treatment of steel the company AXTONE has powerful continuous hardening furnaces with a protective atmosphere ...

Circular spring service
Regular servicing of circular friction springs ensures and extends their service life for decades. As a primary spring ...

Ring friction springs
Ring friction springs are unique energy absorbers that is absorbed on the basis of mutual friction of conical surfaces ...

Round shape forgings, hot rolled rings. Hot rolled rings are manufactured from 80 to 400 mm. The weight of forgings is ...

Rolled rings
Rolled rings are produced from 0.1 to 15 kg. They are mostly used in engineering as semi-finished products for further ...

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