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AXEC, s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 543 236 486
Fax: +420 543 236 487


VOIP telephone exchanges, data and computer networks, structured cabling, optic lines, Internet wireless connection, active components, telecommunications, switchboards, backup sources, design, and installation.

Company Head Office: AXEC, s.r.o.

AXEC, s.r.o.
Tůmova 3
616 00

Czech Republic

Products AXEC, s.r.o.:

Telephone exchanges
We have available excellent VoIP telephone exchanges Asterisk for intra-company voice communications. The exchanges ...

Back-up sources
We offer APC back-up sources. APC is a leading provider of products and services for global power supply protection; ...

Computer networks
Products under the name of Computer Network include cablings, active elements and other accessories. We offer Molex PN ...

AXEC, s.r.o. AXEC, s.r.o. AXEC, s.r.o.