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Alena Dorňáková KOVOVÝROBA

Tel.: +420 571 424 967
Fax: +420 571 424 967
GSM: +420 605 226 635

We produce steel containers Abroll, Avia, transportation, pressing, Mulden, storage, technological, buckets and blades. We offer metal production, locksmithing production, steel structures, non-standard piece production, metallurgical material and its treatment, shortening and cutting.

Company Head Office: Alena Dorňáková KOVOVÝROBA

Alena Dorňáková KOVOVÝROBA
Alena Dorňáková
Hovězí 727
756 01

Czech Republic

Products Alena Dorňáková KOVOVÝROBA:

Skip containers
Skip containers are also known as Kipper-type containers and are frequently used for the transportation of debris, ...

Steel containers
We produce waste steel containers for all types of carriers. Steel containers are manufactured according to DIN 30722. ...

Alena Dorňáková KOVOVÝROBA Alena Dorňáková KOVOVÝROBA