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Czech Companies

LABOX spol. s r.o. LABOX spol. s r.o. Clean spaces and validation
KVS EKODIVIZE a.s - pobočný závod Dvorce KVS EKODIVIZE a.s - pobočný závod Dvorce Boilers
KOVAR a.s. KOVAR a.s. Steel structures
NEVA - TST s.r.o. NEVA - TST s.r.o. Machining
DOMKAT, s. r. o. DOMKAT, s. r. o. Medical furniture
CHEMOTEX Děčín a.s. CHEMOTEX Děčín a.s. Chemical production
SELOS Magnetics, s.r.o. SELOS Magnetics, s.r.o. Magnets
TMT a.s. Chrudim TMT a.s. Chrudim Machinery Designing and Processing
GRM Systems s.r.o. GRM Systems s.r.o. Adhesives
Střechy Vaníček spol. s r.o. Střechy Vaníček spol. s r.o. Heat Insulation

Companies' Products

Accredited testing laboratory Accredited testing laboratory
Calibration of particle counters Calibration of particle counters
Clean room telephone K-2000 Clean room telephone K-2000
Clean rooms Clean rooms
Facility management Facility management
Laminar flow cabinets Laminar flow cabinets

Grapevine Seedlings Grapevine Seedlings
International Transport of Animals International Transport of Animals
Thermo Capsules Thermo Capsules
Epoxy resin Epoxy resin
Permanent Magnets for Electric Motors Permanent Magnets for Electric Motors
Pressed glass beads Pressed glass beads

Plastic construction profiles Plastic construction profiles
Protective tubes Protective tubes
Plants for interiors Plants for interiors
Epoxy resin and hardener systems Epoxy resin and hardener systems
Epoxy Adhesives Epoxy Adhesives
Amenity planting for interiors Amenity planting for interiors

Double-sided adhesive tapes Double-sided adhesive tapes
Injection moulding Injection moulding
Bookbinding cloth Bookbinding cloth
Thin Cutting Band Saw Thin Cutting Band Saw
Recycled LDPE foils Recycled LDPE foils
Handling Equipment Handling Equipment

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