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ZOMAplast s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 581 252 710
Fax: +420 581 217 824

For more than 20 years, we have been manufacturing chemical tanks, stirred reactors, absorption units for waste gas fume scrubbers and units for the dilution and dosing of chemicals. The basic technology is winding large-diameter pipes from thermoplastics, in particular PE and PP.

Company Head Office: ZOMAplast s.r.o.

ZOMAplast s.r.o.
Nábřeží Dr. E. Beneše 26
750 02

Czech Republic

Products ZOMAplast s.r.o.:

Packaged plants
We design and assemble packaged plants - packing units, processing units, production units or pilot plants. Packaged ...

Storage tanks
Storage tanks from spiral-wound thermoplastics are of very solid structure that is ideal for storing of various ...

Fume scrubbers
We design and manufacture absorption systems for purification of waste gases and wet flue gas clean-up systems for dust ...

ZOMAplast s.r.o. ZOMAplast s.r.o. ZOMAplast s.r.o.