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UNIKASSET, spol.s r.o.

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We specialize in the manufacture of machines and equipment designed for environmentally friendly waste disposal. Crushers, mills and band separators can be used also in other technologies requiring pulverization of the material, separation of magnetic metals and grinding.

Company Head Office: UNIKASSET, spol.s r.o.

UNIKASSET, spol.s r.o.
Moravsk√° Ostrava 3310
702 00

Czech Republic

Products UNIKASSET, spol.s r.o.:

Steam turbines
We manufacture steam turbines which are designed for industrial use of residual energy of steam or for the purpose of ...

Waste crushers
Waste crushers are used for crushing both industrial as well as household waste, such as for grinding plastics, tyres, ...

UNIKASSET, spol.s r.o. UNIKASSET, spol.s r.o.