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REGUTEC, s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 546 421 208
Fax: +420 546 421 334

We are the producer of rubber products, sport surfaces, impact areas for the children‘s playgrounds and anti-slippery floors for the horse stables. We also produce floor covers for the terraces, swimming pools, for the golf purposes, fitness centers, production plants, vibroinsulations mats and noise barrier panels.

Company Head Office: REGUTEC, s.r.o.

REGUTEC, s.r.o.
Němčičky 92
664 66

Czech Republic

Products REGUTEC, s.r.o.:

Noise barriers walls
We design and execute noise barrier walls to protect the citizens who live near noisy roads, highways, and railways. ...

Railway line noise elimination
We provide reliable and effective railway line noise elimination. In this field we can offer many years of experience ...

Floors for horse stables
These stable panels are suitable as floors for horse stables and serve to reduce the risk of injury. The soft, ...

Panels for children’s playgrounds
These panels for children’s playgrounds reduce the risk of injuries caused by falling from a piece of playground ...

REGUTEC, s.r.o. REGUTEC, s.r.o. REGUTEC, s.r.o. REGUTEC, s.r.o.