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PRO 8 s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 466 824 930
Fax: +420 466 823 939
GSM: +420 726 514 930

We provide Global Electro Deliveries for electro industry and powerengineering. Production of switchgears and dielectric protective equipment, consulting, analyses, designs, engineering, machinery production, assembly, VHV testing, etc. ISO 9001 certificate holder.

Company Head Office: PRO 8 s.r.o.

PRO 8 s.r.o.
SemtĂ­n U29
533 54

Czech Republic

Products PRO 8 s.r.o.:

Protective equipment
We offer a wide range of dielectric protective equipment and safety devices for the high voltage. Protective equipment ...

Dielectric protective equipment
We produce and delivery dielectric protective equipment for work on electrical facilities. All our procedures are in ...

PRO 8 s.r.o. PRO 8 s.r.o.