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Plastpol, s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 564 034 901
Fax: +420 564 034 902
GSM: +420 773 675 384

Cutting, machining of solid, artificial wood, plywood, laminates, polyurethane, stringboards, plastics - plastics machining, plastic moulding chops, engraving. We produce entrance roofs, models, moulds, protective pads under armchairs, CAD/CAM workstation, 2 and 3D constructions.

Company Head Office: Plastpol, s.r.o.

Plastpol, s.r.o.
Nová Ves u Nového Města na Moravě 182
Nové Město na Moravě
592 31

Czech Republic

Products Plastpol, s.r.o.:

CNC milling
To our customers, we offer CNC milling of non-metallic materials. We provide for example CNC milling of plastic and CNC ...

Plastics machining
Our company carries out machining of plastics. In 3 and 5 axes, we cut and machine intermediate products from all types ...

Plastpol, s.r.o. Plastpol, s.r.o.