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MV Technik, s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 569 622 306
Fax: +420 569 641 092
GSM: +420 777 264 416

We develop and produce handling equipment: additional equipment for forklift trucks, loaders and tractors. We also manufacture cranes, crane grooves, handlers (and machines designed for lines), hoists, motion mechanisms, scissor lifts and more.

Company Head Office: MV Technik, s.r.o.

MV Technik, s.r.o.
Obolecká 211
583 01

Czech Republic

Products MV Technik, s.r.o.:

Pneumatic manipulators
Pneumatic manipulators operate on the principle of pneumatic drive. This ensures the faster handling of heavy objects ...

Manual trolleys
Manual handling trolleys are used in operations for the auxiliary handling of both products or means of production. ...

Extensions for fork trucks
We specialize in extensions for forklift trucks and construction and agricultural machinery. We constantly improve on ...

Molten metal handling
MV Technik specializes in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for molten metal handling. We produce handlers and ...

Derricks as well as stationary and mobile manipulators are manufactured according to the specific requirements of our ...

Platform trucks
Platform trucks from MV Technik. We develop and manufacture a range of towing transport carts from simple to quite ...

Handling equipment
The company is a supplier and manufacturer of handling equipment and logistics solutions. Standard handling equipment ...

Scissor lifts
We produce and supply scissor lifts designed for lifting loads (or even individuals) to the desired height. Scissor ...

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