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Pressure die casting moulds

Tel.: +420 389 016 111
Fax: +420 389 016 330

Our company constructs and manufactures moulds for pressure die casting ( dies ), trimming tools, single-purpose machines for cutting of cast parts, forged pieces or other semi-finished products, assembly stations including checking devices and assembly lines.

Company Head Office:

MOTOR JIKOV Group a.s.
Kněžskodvorská 2277/26
České Budějovice
370 04

Czech Republic
MOTOR JIKOV Group a.s.


CNG - filling equipment, Single-purpose machines, CNC cutting, Melting, Cast iron, Ductile cast iron, Foundry plants, Drum mowers, Lawn mowers, Garden mowers, Mulching mowers, Aluminium alloys, Zinc alloys, Mountfield mowers, Grey iron castings, Pressure die casting moulds, Castings