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KOVOKON Popovice s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 572 430 360
Fax: +420 572 430 367

We produce precise metal parts in a batch production - parts for cars, parts for electric motors, components for CNC grinders. We perform CNC machining, CNC lathe-turning, CNC milling and CNC grinding of cast iron, iron and aluminum materials.

Company Head Office: KOVOKON Popovice s.r.o.

KOVOKON Popovice s.r.o.
Popovice 374
686 04

Czech Republic

Products KOVOKON Popovice s.r.o.:

Aircraft components
We manufacture precision aircraft components with a high added value. Serial production is carried on conventional and ...

CNC metal machining
We perform CNC metal machining in serial and piece production. CNC metal machining is performed according to customer ...

KOVOKON Popovice s.r.o. KOVOKON Popovice s.r.o.