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kovo VESUV s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 596 033 344
Fax: +420 596 033 564

Custom-made production of products from thin sheet metal by CNC technology. Laser cutting, cutting out, folding, pressing, welding, powder coating. The technical documentation is processed in 3D Solid Edge software.

Company Head Office: kovo VESUV s.r.o.

kovo VESUV s.r.o.
Větrná č.p.1161
Bohumín - Šunychl
735 81

Czech Republic

Products kovo VESUV s.r.o.:

Tube and profile bending
We perform custom CNC tube and profile bending. For tube and profile bending, we use the 3D bending machine BLM E-Turn ...

Sheet metal products
We can make sheet metal products to order according to the supplied technical documentation. Various sheet metal ...

Sheet metal CNC processing
We offer sheet metal CNC processing. Laser cutting is performed on the machines TruLaser 3030 and TruLaser 2525. For ...

kovo VESUV  s.r.o. kovo VESUV  s.r.o. kovo VESUV  s.r.o.