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HIWIN s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 548 528 238
Fax: +420 548 220 222


The company supplies components of linear equipment of the brand HIWIN such as linear guideways, ball screws, linear motors, ball bushings, linear modules, linear actuators and guide hardened bars.

Company Head Office: HIWIN s.r.o.

HIWIN s.r.o.
Kaštanová 34, čp. 489
620 00

Czech Republic

Products HIWIN s.r.o.:

Linear motors
Linear motors ensure a high positioning accuracy and high dynamics of linear motion. Linear motors are suitable for ...

Ball screws
Ball screws are used for transfer of rotary movement to linear movement. Ball screws have a high effectiveness and can ...

Linear guideways
Linear guideways enable a precise straight motion. Linear guideways has thanks to a very low rolling friction high ...

HIWIN s.r.o. HIWIN s.r.o. HIWIN s.r.o.