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Ing. Martin Gelnar

Tel.: +420 777 080 892
GSM: +420 777 080 892


Our company operates in the development, production and sale of products intended for security forces, military and individuals with activities similar to armed forces.

Company Head Office: Ing. Martin Gelnar

Ing. Martin Gelnar
Vlčovice 61
742 21

Czech Republic

Products Ing. Martin Gelnar:

Expandable batons
We offer high-quality metal expandable batons. Expandable batons are made in a non-hardened (ordinary) version in two ...

Police tonfas
We offer high-quality police tonfas. Our police tonfas were developed in cooperation with police specialists from the ...

Textile disposable handcuffs
We offer high quality textile disposable handcuffs. These textile disposable handcuffs use a new locking system that ...

Ing. Martin Gelnar Ing. Martin Gelnar Ing. Martin Gelnar