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GANES, s. r.o.

Tel.: +420 569 726 039, 569 713 241
Fax: +420 569 726 041

The core activities of GANES include electroplating and waste management in the chip machining of metals. We supply equipment such as galvanic lines, crushers and metal chip centrifuges, briquetting presses and others.

Company Head Office: GANES, s. r.o.

GANES, s. r.o.
Marie Majerové 1152
Ledeč nad Sázavou
584 01

Czech Republic

Products GANES, s. r.o.:

Metal chip crushers
We produce metal chip crushers with the possibility to deliver also other devices for processing metal waste. Metal ...

Hopper equipment
We design, manufacture and supply lifting hopper equipment for industrial handling of bulk materials. Hopper equipment ...

Galvanic lines
We produce and supply galvanic lines for chemical and electrochemical surface treatment processes. We design spraying ...

Metal chip centrifuges
Our company supplies centrifuges for bulk goods. We specialize in the field of chip management. We propose, produce and ...

GANES, s. r.o. GANES, s. r.o. GANES, s. r.o. GANES, s. r.o.