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Ernst Leopold s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 516 427 111
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Ernst Leopold is a traditional manufacturer of gray iron castings, ductile iron and steel which focuses on single-piece and small batch production. Our manufacturing abilities, capabilities and capacities are used by customers from various industries from around the world.

Company Head Office: Ernst Leopold s.r.o.

Ernst Leopold s.r.o.
Gellhornova 2242/18
678 01

Czech Republic

Products Ernst Leopold s.r.o.:

Steel castings
For customers from various industries, we produce steel castings from carbon, medium or high alloyed steels. Steel ...

Grey iron castings
We offer gray iron castings, and we primarily specialize in single-piece deliveries weighing from 50 kg to 30,000 kg. ...

Ernst Leopold s.r.o. Ernst Leopold s.r.o.