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EPOS spol. s r.o.

Tel.: +420 577 112 348
Fax: +420 577 112 348
GSM: +420 603 432 940

The processor of thermopaper to rolls, forms and tickets for recording and registration devices, certified to ISO 9001:2001. The manufacturer of rolls to digital tachographs, ATMs, parking meters, tickets.

Company Head Office: EPOS spol. s r.o.

EPOS spol. s r.o.
Paseky 292
Želechovice nad Dřevnicí
763 11

Czech Republic

Products EPOS spol. s r.o.:

Rolls for digital tachographs
Rolls for digital tachographs are made of thermopaper with a special layer to prevent their destruction. Rolls for ...

EPOS spol. s r.o.