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ALFUN a.s.

Tel.: +420 554 725 205
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Service Centre focused on cutting and slitting and sale of coils and sheets. It includes aluminium/copper/galvanized steel, and steel coils or sheets and stainless steel. Sale and cutting and slitting of stainless steel rods, aluminium rods, plates, and sections.

Company Head Office: ALFUN a.s.

ALFUN a.s.
Zahradní 40
792 01

Czech Republic

Products ALFUN a.s.:

Stainless steel coils and sheets
As with longitudinally and transversely cut of stainless steel sheets, we supply stainless steel coils according to EN ...

Stainless steel rods
We keep stock stainless steel rods, especially in the grades 1.4301, 1.4305, 1.4404 and diameters ranging from 3.0 - ...

Aluminium is a key material in our production. We produce sheets, strips, plates, bars and profiles from it. We offer ...

Copper sheets
Copper sheets and straps Copper coils and sheets are supplied under ČSN EN 1172, 1652, 13599. Copper sheets ( coils ) ...

Aluminium sections
Aluminium sections - Ring pipes, flat rods, L-equal angle aluminium sections, L-unequal angle aluminium sections, ...

Aluminium rods
Aluminium rods are normally supplied in EN AW 2030 T3/T4, respectively EN AW 2007 T3/T4 materials. Aluminium rods under ...

Steel sheets
Lengthwise and crosswise sectional steel sheets and steel galvanized sheets and strips. Sheet strips are delivered ...

Aluminium sheets
Longitudinally/transversally halved aluminium sheets/straps. The aluminium sheets/straps are supplied under EN 573 - 3, ...

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