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ALFICO s. r. o.

Tel.: +420 416 575 790
Fax: +420 416 575 776
GSM: +420 602 131 062

We produce liquid filters for a wide range of industries. We create tailor-made filtering solutions. CNC machines are used for our production machining, and we weld metals by different methods. We manufacture welded structures from both normal and corrosion-resistant steels.

Company Head Office: ALFICO s. r. o.

ALFICO s. r. o.
Přívozní 114/2
410 02

Czech Republic

Products ALFICO s. r. o.:

CNC machining
Thanks to the retrofitting with new machine tools, we can offer a capacity in the area of CNC machining even for ...

Industrial liquid filters
Industrial liquid filter production. We offer both type solutions and individual tailor-made solutions. We produce ...

ALFICO s. r. o. ALFICO s. r. o.